William Fantini
Producer, Creative Director, Developer & Entrepreneur

Work History

My current freelance business is Archer Design Studio, specializing in marketing, technology consulting and instructional design.

I am a graduate of Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting and Film and a lengthy production resume and a demo reel of my own productions available at http://www.ImagicaProducctions.com

My first few years in college were as an Aerospace Engineering major and while I did not further pursue degrees in engineering or sciences (yet), I have applied my engineering training to almost everything I do in my career.

I have a passion for education and a great deal of experience as an instructor, technical writer and instructional designer. I am also on a life long journey to continue my own education in sciences, literature and psychology. My focus now is on using my creativity and skills to create educational materials, strategies and implementations for hire and for philanthropy.

Archer Design Studio

Archer Design Studio develops Applications, Websites, Marketing Materials, Training Programs and Documentation Projects for any size business. In-house capabilities include Video Production, Animation, Photography, Print Design, Cloud-Based App Development. Salesforce Admin/Developer/Implementation & 3rd Party App / API Integration.

Kinetic Media Engine, LLC

Owner / Producer / Developer Created and licensed several proprietary CRM/CMS industry solutions which are now owned by Archer Design Studio and available for future projects/business ventures. Clients included Model/Talent Agencies around The Midwest and Southeast US with an aggregate end-user base of over 15,000 members. Included sales, customer service, client account management, project management, front & back-end development on various platforms, database administration and strategic deployment of client solutions which exhibit form, functionality and high level ROI.

Learning Tree International

Freelance Instructor and Technical Editor Contracted to instruct courses from 6 - 32 weeks per year depending on other work commitments. Included travel to venues across US and abroad, teaching classes of 15 to 30 adults, setup of student workstations and classroom network, troubleshooting software, addition of personal experience to each course topic, on-the-fly editing of course notes and proctoring of exams. Technical Editing included contributing to course notes and exercises, editing author drafts, delivery of alpha and beta seminars and rewriting course notes.

E2 Interactive

Contract Position Hired to create and implement the in-house Web Development arm of the Veritas Group Advertising Agency. Included establishment of development protocols, hiring of account executives and Web developers, design and implementation of project management systems, cross-departmental marketing, account management, establishment of relations with providers.

Optasia Learning Systems

Creative Director Designer and lead developer of the Web and App based E-Learning Solution to accompany Optasia’s interactive videoconference based training system. Designed the E-Learning development tool, an electronic registrar, test development and delivery systems. Included information architecture, interface design and illustration and database design. Also lead the development of Optasia's fundamental learning principles, marketing strategy and materials.

Dovetail Systems

Owner / Developer Created a proprietary CRM/CMS Website solution for the Community Banking Industry, sales, customer service, client account management, project management, front & back-end development on various platforms, database administration, etc. Clients included The TN Bankers’ Association and 35 of member community banks. Clients also included MCA Records, The Nashville Entertainment Association, RCA Records, McNeely Piggot & Fox PR, The Mayor’s Office Of Film and Television, CedarHouse Productions, Rain Records and many more.


  • Windows, Mac and Linux OS
  • Web Services & Data Architecture
    • IIS & Apache Administration
    • HTML5 / Responsive Design
    • JavaScript, ASP, SQL, XML
    • Microsoft Access & SQL Server, MySQL, PostGres
    • Microsoft Office Suite, Project, Visual FoxPro, etc.
  • Salesforce Development & Administration
    • Apex, VisualForce, Process Builder/Flows, API Integration, etc.
    • Pardot Marketing, Nintex DocGen, Docusign, Other 3rd Party Apps
    • Monthly/Daily/Weekly Maintenance, Security, Critical Updates, etc.
  • Wordpress, Joomla, GoDaddy, etc.
  • Documentation Apps & Platforms
    • Atlassian, Confluence, Walk.me, Captivate, Custom
  • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
    • Premiere Pro & After Effects
    • Dreamweaver
    • Captivate

About William

William M. Fantini

Producer, Creative Director, Entrepreneur

Fantini, 40+, founded Kinetic Media Engine, LLC in 2005 to be the parent company to the intellectual properties that Fantini and his associates have developed in the entertainment and software industries. 

William Fantini is also Executive Producer and Creative Director of Imagica Productions, a mobile production studio for photography, film, video and design.   Fantini created Imagica Productions in 1992 after a two year whirwind adventure in feature film making as an Assistant Director, 2nd A.D., 2nd 2nd A.D., and sometimes a Grip or Set Photographer (or whatever they needed that day) on feature film, commercial and productions around the U.S.

Basically, the guy graduated from college and went off, like... crazy.

William M. Fantini earned a Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting and Film from Boston University in 1990 and by 2002 earned several Professional Certifications from Learning Tree International, for whom he worked as both freelance instructor and technical editor from 1996-2002.

In April of 2000, Fantini was contracted to build an in-house Web consulting agency for the New York City based Veritas Group Advertising Agency.

Prior to his work with the Veritas Group, Fantini built an Internet-savvy e-learning solution for the Philadelphia-based Amtech Software. Amtech is the developer of "Imaginera," the premier enterprise management software for the paper-box industry. Fantini designed and implemented Internet based training and testing applications for a global install-base of Imaginera users.

William developed the protocol for Amtech's learning methodologies and e- learning production strategy and also contributed to the writing of Amtech's e-learning business and marketing plans. Fantini's work with Amtech was so inventive that he is listed as Creative Director on "U.S. Patent Number 6,288,753 Interactive Learning Application."

William joined Amtech in January, 1999, when family matters persuaded him to move back to his home town of Philadelphia. Before his move, Fantini lived in Nashville, TN where he was sole proprietor of Blue Forest Studio Marketing & Production.

Blue Forest and its subsidiaries (Imagica Productions and Dovetail Systems) served many prominent clients such as The Tennessee Banker's Association, InterMedia Cable, MCA Records, McNeely Piggot & Fox Public Relations, The Office of the Mayor of Nashville and over 30 Tennessee Community Banks. Blue Forest Studio produced Web sites, CD-Roms, Kiosk Solutions, Music and Marketing Videos, Print Marketing Materials, and the Internet's first Broadband Webcast Music Conference (Extravaganza '98) including over 250 hours of performance and interview footage delivered via audio, video, animation and text.

Blue Forest changed its name in 1998 to represent a more corporate image and now operates as Kinetic Media Ventures while continuing to brand separate entities to serve specific markets.


Personal Note:

"Aside from all this work, I've managed to explore a great deal of this Earth, paint some canvas, mold some clay, carve some stone, develop some theories of quantum dynamic spatial philosophy, listen and dance to a lot of great live music, make some live music (guitar, flute, hand-drums), experience the finer cultural events our species has to offer, jump out of a couple airplanes, win a few crew regattas, read a lot of great books, write a few (er, plethora of) poems, stories, and screenplays, and meet a LOT of amazing people."


Quote: What does not kill me had better run for its life.

New Reading: Hakira Murakami

Movies: Blade Runner, Fight Club, Harold and Maude, Casablanca, The African Queen

TV Shows: MASH, CSI, NCIS, Nashville, The Closer, Burn Notice

Musicians: Jimi, Jerry, Stevie, the other Stevie, The New Mastersounds, Karl Denson, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc...

Travel Destination: Anywhere I’ve never been.  Have put a dot in all 50 states and three continents so far.



Nashville: 615-491-4291
Miami: 305-849-7656